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Love Is In The Air @ Ciccio
by: Sophia

Once again, the people who brought us Ciao Ristorante and Cipolla have stunned us again with their unfaltering delicious Italian recipes. Located along Changkat Bukit Bintang, Ciccio seems like a modest Italian joint amidst the many bustling bistro’s lining the street. Unknown to many, secret recipes lie within those doors.


   o         The Vibe

Ciccio possesses a modest charm with its semi rustic and semi classical interior. It retains a traditional feel to it with its dim lighting that is accentuated by candlelight. The earthy tones are complimented by a bright shade of orange and red. Its cosy, calm and soothing atmosphere is perfect for casual dining or a romantic night out for two.


   o         The Food

The menu is pretty much what you’d expect from any other Italian restaurant but isn’t that always the case. What sets these restaurants apart is the quality of the food and Ciccio has managed to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mouth watering dishes.


The scallop salad is a must try. Pan fried scallops, apples, pine nuts, tomatoes and avocado is tossed in a “citrusy” olive oil dressing. This RM26 dish brings a perfect blend of fresh scallops and fresh fruits together and the result is a very refreshing and light dish that is perfect for two.


What is a meal at an Italian restaurant without pasta? The linguine with scallops and mussels would be an apt choice for seafood lovers. The smooth and silky linguine is served with fresh scallops and mussels and it is cooked in extra virgin oil, white wine and yellow capsicums.


For a main course that will blow you away, try the “Merluzzo”. It is pan fried cod fish fillet with cream and pink peppercorn sauce. It is absolutely divine and comes highly recommended. The creamy sauce is the perfect compliment to the smooth and silky cod fish. It is as close as you can get to perfection.


The Manzo al Balsamico would be a better choice for those looking for a massive chunk of meat. This grilled beef tenderloin is served with rocket salad, roasted tomatoes, shaved Parmigiano and balsamic reduction. The juicy beef is filled with flavour but it is slightly on the tough side. In any case, it is another option for red meat lovers.


   o         The Service

The service at Ciccio is top notch. The friendly and attentive service staffs are quick to tend to your needs. What more can you ask for?


SD Food Advisor’s take on Ciccio Italian Restaurant

Ciccio is a cosy, calm and soothing restaurant with all the ingredients for success. Its got the atmosphere, the excellent service staff, reasonable prices and delicious food. The pan fried cod fish is already enough to put this place on the map. If you’re looking for a place to have dinner and laze the rest of the night away, this is it.

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Address : Ciccio Pasticcio Ristorante Bar Pizzeria,
Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang No. 15, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Author

Sophia, Writer for Malaysia
Sophia writes for Streetdirectory Malaysia. Robert J. Steiner manages Streetdirectory.net.my & FlowerAdvisor.com.my. FlowerAdvisor.com.my is an online gifts and flower site in Malaysia. Sophia is a music graduate from Trinity College London. In between classes, she still finds time to write movie and music reviews for various online and print publications. Now venturing into travel writing, she is able to blend both her passion for wordplay with her passion for travel. 

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