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Malaysia Map Categories by Landmarks
1. Business
2. Community Services
3. Education Institutions
4. F&B
5. Roads
6. Leisures
7. Medicals & Healths
8. Tourist Attractions
9. Place of Worships
10. Road Amenities
11. Sports & Recreations
12. Security & Emergency (999)s
13. Government Offices
14. Accommodations
15. Medical Services
16. Nursery Centres
17. Historical Sites
18. Banks & ATMs
19. Water Catchments
20. Golf & Country Clubs
21. Learning Centres
22. Public Transportations
23. Transit Terminals
24. R & R Areas
25. Public Amenities
26. Parking Spaces
27. Restricted Areas
28. Funerals
29. Malaysia Harbors
30. Underconstructions
31. Markets & Supermarkets
32. Petrol Stations
33. Residences
34. Business Listings
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