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Shah Alam: The State Capital
by: Sophia

Shah Alam has graciously taken over the title of state capital of Selangor since Kuala Lumpur 's incorporation into a Federal Territory and the capital of Malaysia in 1978. It is located roughly 25 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur and is regarded as a city on its own. Shah Alam is split into many different sections and consists of mostly residential areas with commercial centres sporadically scattered around. It is not as easily accessible as many of the other districts because of its large size and its slightly secluded location. Two of the major highways that run through Shah Alam include the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) and the Federal Highway but even so it is still a long way from where all the action happens. Nonetheless, Shah Alam has a beauty that is often ignored, from its well-planned residential and commercial areas to its serenity.

During the day, Shah Alam is the hub for many governmental and administrative workers. The 24-storey Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah building houses the state secretariat and administrative offices. The State Monument is situated at the entrance of the state secretariat building and this exquisite granite beauty has become one of the leading tourist attractions in Shah Alam. Besides the secretariat building, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah also has a mosque named after him and this particular mosque has since become a trademark for Shah Alam. It is to date the largest mosque in Malaysia and comes close as the largest in South East Asia . The towering large blue and white dome has become a signature landmark in Shah Alam's skyline.

Just a kilometre from the centre of Shah Alam is the Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park . It is the first of its kind in Malaysia as it opens its doors to visitors to take a peek at the country's agricultural resources. This tropical rainforest setting is a refreshing change from the pollution and the noise of the city. It is scenic and serene as well as educational. Learn more about Malaysian agriculture which consists of cocoa, coconut, coffee, palm oil, rubber and many local fruits. A bird park and a deer park is also open to visitors.

During the night, Shah Alam can be said to be deserted. It severely lacks in entertainment outlets and residents can be seen fleeing the boredom to Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur to feed their need for fun. Even though there are commercial areas available, it is void of cinemas and live entertainment outlets thus making Shah Alam a quiet ghost-like town at night.

Despite being the state capital of Selangor and a city on its own, Shah Alam has an absence for entertainment and public transportation to the city. Without access to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Monorail, residents have to rely on buses and taxis which would prove to be time consuming given the distance of Shah Alam from Kuala Lumpur . With its existing infrastructure and its current status of state capital, Shah Alam would definitely be a step closer to achieving its goal of becoming a modern township and a model city for the future after implementing a more efficient public transportation system and improving its entertainment scene.

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Shah Alam: The State Capital

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About The Author

Sophia, Writer for Malaysia
Sophia writes for Streetdirectory Malaysia. Robert J. Steiner manages & is an online gifts and flower site in Malaysia. Sophia is a music graduate from Trinity College London. In between classes, she still finds time to write movie and music reviews for various online and print publications. Now venturing into travel writing, she is able to blend both her passion for wordplay with her passion for travel. 

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